These are some of my baskets I have sold, but usually I make to order. I am not currently making baskets to sell due to looking after my young family full time.

Shopping Basket

This is a round and fairly deep sided basket -  ideal for shopping, storage or for carrying general items.

This can be made in small, medium or large sizes. (the picture shows the medium size). 

Price - 40-60

Fruit Picker

This is a high sided round basket. It is ideal for carrying fruit, vegetables or heavier items, as it can be held close to the body.

This can be made in small, medium or large sizes, (the picture shows the small size).  

Price - 35-55


fruit picker basket
shopping basket Craft Basket

This is a low sided round basket with gently sloping sides -  ideal as a craft basket for holding knitting, yarns, or fleece for spinning.

This can be made in small, medium or large sizes. (the picture shows the small size). 

Price - 30-50

Berry Basket

This is a small round basket, ideal for collecting berries and small fruit, or as a children's basket.

Price - 25


Child's Chair

This little chair is made out of brown willow and is just the right size for a toddler or small child. It has a concave seat and gently curved back to give support and comfort. 

Price - 75

Arrow Basket

This is a round basket with partially open sides. It is for holding arrows, (but can also be used as a stick stand). The wider base provides stability, and the crossed sticks at the top of the basket keeps the arrows in order. 

Price - 40


arrow basket

wigwams Garden Wigwams

These are made from brown willow and are ideal for growing peas, beans or sweet peas up. They are a stylish addition to any cottage garden.

The picture shows the large and mediums sized wigwams. 

Price - 20-35

Back Pack Basket - without lid

This is a 'D' shaped basket made from brown willow and has two shoulder straps made from jute braid. The basket also has two small side handles for easy lifting 

This basket can be made in different sizes according to requirements, (the picture shows medium size).

Price - 70-90

back pack without lid
rush hat Rush Hat

This is a rounded sun-hat made from rush in a check-weave pattern.  

Price - 35